On March 27, ROCKHARBOR Church celebrated the greatest day in history.

We gathered in our 5 Orange County locations – Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, and Orange.  We gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina as a new ROCKHARBOR community launched there.













Every shout of “He is Risen!”
Every baptism
Every new life in Jesus
Every rededicated life to Him
Every mention of the empty grave
Every hand lifted high
Every heart turned toward the Resurrected Savior…
All notes contributing to the symphony. 




Baptism Story

My son, Gino, wanted to get baptized so we took the class together. In the process, it motivated me to be more of a leader to my son and to be in the Word with him, reading the Bible before bed. He got baptized on the Saturday service before Easter, and to say I'm a proud mom would be an understatement. To know that through everything, we worship a God who has shown himself to my son, and in the process, to me, has been a blessing without measure. Our God is so good.


Baptism Story

I didn't plan on getting baptized. For weeks it had been in the back of my mind that I should but I was afraid of what people might think and also worried if I was good enough. I made my decision the night before Easter morning. I told my two roommates about it and they both came with me. One of them ended up getting baptized too. The other roommate broke down in tears and told me after the service that he "just got saved." It was nothing short of a miracle.


Baptism Story

I remember in May of 2014, standing in my kitchen with my best friend and talking with him about how helpless and frustrated I felt, how I was willing to do anything and give God a try. From that time to now...slowly but surely, I have seen God radically transform my life. While I still suffer from some anxiety, I am so much more at peace with life. In 2016, I knew I wanted to get baptized at ROCKHARBOR as a sign of obedience to God and an act of public proclamation.



Baptism Story

Through looking for jobs, a place to live, a church community, all while starting a masters program and dealing with the loss of loved ones and general transition, God has really challenged me in my first 6 months in California. He's taught me that trusting in Him requires relinquishing more control than I imagined, but at the same time, He showed me the peace that comes along with that trust. I wanted to get baptized as a tangible way to give God control and surrender to His plan for my life.


Baptism Story

Besides committing my life to Christ, I got baptized alongside my wife of 30 years. My son and his girlfriend were also baptized that same day so it doesn't get much better than that!


Baptism Story

Our family celebrated Easter Sunday with my granddaughter's decision to get baptized. It was a blessing for her cousins, aunts and uncles to share in this moment. I am grateful to the RH Sunday School staff for helping to prepare her. I feel confident that their new life in Christ will be bright and filled with the light of God’s Holy Spirit, for them and for our family’s future generations.



Baptism Story

I have been going through some inner struggles and felt like giving up. I was questioning my faith. I started attending services every weekend and just completed the Alpha course and felt God was speaking to me. I decided to not let the enemy convince me to give up. After getting baptized, I am still a work in progress but I am ready to take the next step by joining a life group and getting more involved with the church!


Baptism Story

I decided to attend the Alpha course and it truly gave me the push I needed to get my life back on track with the Lord. It also changed my ideas about church and fellowship. Ultimately, it was a reminder of who Jesus is, who I am, and how I am supposed to live. During the course, I made the decision to get baptized. My relationship with God has become so much stronger and my longing to live a life fully for Christ has never been greater. I'm so happy I got baptized. I will never forget it!


Baptism Story

I am an addict in recovery and was baptized at birth, but I rededicated my life to God when I realized that I cannot run my life anymore. I surrendered to God and chose to start living life through His word. My life was very depressing and I asked God to relieve me of those insecurities and fears, and since I was baptized, my life has dramatically changed. He has blessed me with a new heart and a new mind, and He now does for me what I couldn't do for myself.


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